Bolków castle Poland

Bolków (German: Bolkenhain)

The city was founded in 1265 Bolkow has many monuments and most famous of them is the castle. The castle was built in the thirteenth century, the Duke of Legnica command Bolesław II the Bald and his son Bolek I. During the reign of Bolek I built stone walls, gates, brick buildings, the tower cabin ( with a height of 25 m), sows, stairs inside the 4.5 m wall . Successive rulers buildings combined into one called Gothic House, fortified walls and gates to create the most powerful fortress in Silesia. In the sixteenth century were built residential building known as the House of the woman. In the past, the castle was besieged several times.
In 1810 the castle became the property of the State Treasury of Prussia and became a ruin. In 1885, he performed the partial demolition of the walls. In the first half of the twentieth first started work in safety, resumed in 1994 and continue to this day. Currently Bolkow Castle Museum is a branch of the Giant Mountains Museum in Jelenia Gora. The renovated house a woman is part of a museum exhibition. Since 1994, the Castle operates Brotherhood of Knights Castle Bolkow that their actions contribute to the development and improvement of the attractiveness of the Castle. Since 1995, the castle held tournaments .

The above information is from the official website Bolkow Castle Museum

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Bolków: castle
Bolków: castle
Bolków: castle

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