Walim Polska

Field Kitchen Festival - Walim

On June 21st 2014 in Walim in Hubert Inn the 1st Field Kitchen Festival was organised.
During the festival delicious food was served. It had been prepared basing on original recipes of military cooks: solianka, goulash soup, pea soup. The organizers prepared the reconstructions of canteens and clothes from the past (they also took care of music catering). During the festival the movie “Kucharze Historii” was played.

 John the Baptist Cathedral in Wrocław Poland

John the Baptist Cathedral in Wrocław (Germ. Breslauer Dom, Kathedrale St. Johannes des Täufers)

Beautiful gothic church located in the Wrocław’s Ostrów Tumski was built around XIII-XIV century.
In the location of the current cathedral there had been 3 other churches before.
The current cathedral was destroyed during World War Two by the Red Army during the siege of Wrocław stronghold – about 70% of the cathedral was destroyed. A part of remaining equipment was robbed by the Russians. The cathedral and its interiors was being rebuilt for many years.

Czoch Castle Poland

Czoch Castle

Czoch Castle was built in the second half of the thirteenth century as a defensive stronghold on the initiative of the Czech King Wacław II.
The castle was rebuilt in Renaissance style in the sixteenth century.
On the night of 17 to 18 August 1793, the castle was burned down, rebuilt it a year later, and in the years 1909-1914.
Today the castle is a Hotel.

Zamek Książ Poland

Książ Castle (Germ. Fürstenstein) in Wałbrzych

The castle from XIII has been rebuilt several times. In 1941 it was confiscated by the Nazis who probably wanted to create the main quarter for Hitler there. After World War Two till August 1946 the Red Army stationed there.
The castle and its chambers can be visited (in English or German prior to a telephone or Internet booking).