Bitwa o Żary Polska

The staging of the Żary Battle

On February 15th in Żary there was a reconstruction of fights which begun by the Red Army entering Żary on February 13th 1945. The fights ended with the Red Army conquering the town on the 16th (according to other sources 17th) February
The staging was played by: Lubuska Historical Reconstruction Group, Sagan Historical Association from Żagań, Ostrovian Historical Reconstruction Group, reconsructors from Germany and scouts from Żary.

Wszystkich Świętych Polska

All Saints’ Day

It is a religious feast celebrated on 1st November in the honour of all Saints.
2nd November is an All Souls’ Day also known as “The Day of the Dead”. It’s the day of prayers for people who passed away (relatives, acquaintances, unknown people buried in cemeteries). On this day religious people visit cemeteries in order to pray, they put gravelights and flowers on graves.
In Poland, due to the fact that only the 1st of November is a Bank Holiday, it is this day Polish people visit the graves of their relatives.

Loco-Picnic in Żagań

Loco-Picnic in Żagań

On the occasion of 100th anniversary of Żagań railway station a family picnic was organized. During this event an exhibition of souvenirs could be seen as well as a restored locomotive from 1918 or the staging of “the Great Escape” of war prisoners by train. An additional attraction was the possibility to look inside the locomotives: kids could feel like a train driver :)