Bitwa o Żary Polska

The staging of the Żary Battle

On February 15th in Żary there was a reconstruction of fights which begun by the Red Army entering Żary on February 13th 1945. The fights ended with the Red Army conquering the town on the 16th (according to other sources 17th) February
The staging was played by: Lubuska Historical Reconstruction Group, Sagan Historical Association from Żagań, Ostrovian Historical Reconstruction Group, reconsructors from Germany and scouts from Żary.

11 listopada Poland

11 November - Independence Day

National holiday celebrated on 11 November to commemorate Poland's regaining independence in 1918, after 123 years of partitions Polish made ​​by Russia, Prussia and Austria-Hungary.
To commemorate the independence Poles hang out flag, and cities are organized official celebration.
Here are the photos taken during the celebration of Independence Day in Żary

Żary Poland

Ż’ART - International Open Air Meeting with Art

Ż’ART - International Open Air Meeting with Art took place in Zary 18-25 August 2013 and were full of cultural events: concerts, performances, film screenings, workshops for children: dance and art, photographic workshops, photographic action:" on 24 August in Zary ... ".