Małomice Poland


The settlement already existed in the medieval times. Since the beginning of XIX century there have been metallurgical furnaces in Małomice using easily accessible in the vicinity meadow ore.
In the 70’s of XIX century “Maria” works was set up and in 1898 a pottery manufacture was opened.
Nowadays the town is an industrial facility, it has a water- power plant on a river.
In Małomice one can find an octagonal baroque post-evangelic chapel from 1732. The dome roof is finished with a lantern. Unused after 1945 it turned to a ruin. After a refit in 1982-1984 it is still being used by Polish Catolic assembly.
In the cetre of Małomice there is a memorial of independence-fights heroes of 1918-1920 and 1939-1945.

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Małomice: Church  Church
Małomice: Monument and town hall  Małomice: fire brigade Małomice  Małomice

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