Lubomierz Poland

Lubomierz (German Liebenthal)

The town is mainly known for the cult comedy “Sami Swoi”, which has been realized in Lubomierz.
It is the smallest town in Dolnośląskie Provice but it can pride on many beautiful monuments.
(Unfortunately due to lack of time when visiting Lubomierz I was unable to take photos – I’ll try to make up for it in the future),

Sieniawa Żarska Poland

Sieniawa Żarska (Germ. Schönwalde)

In Sieniawa Żarska there is a monument commemorating the sportsmen of Sieniawa who died during World War One (under oak trees there are stones with their names engraved).
Behind the monument there is a column symbolizing the Sieniawa Gymnastic Association. On the top of the column there are four F letters engraved from: free, humble, cheerful, fresh.

Mycielin Poland


In the Mycielin village you can find an early-gothic, brick, one-bay church under the invocation of St. Nicolas with a rectangular chancel dated second half of XIII century, rebuilt with an addition of the tower in 1550. The church vestibule and the mausoleum added in XVII-XVIII centuries. In the church masonry the debris of the XVI century watchtower can be found.