Święta Góra Sanctuary - Gostyń Poland

Święta Góra Sanctuary - Gostyń

In 1468 on Święta Góra (Holly Mountain) a chapel to honour Our Lady was built. Due to the fact it was becoming more and more popular, a church was built on its place in 1512.
After Adam Florian Konarzewski was healed there he became the first founder of the today’s basilica.
Nowadays in Gostyń there is a breath-taking basilica of the Blessed Virgin Mary built in 1676 – 1698. The frescoes on its dome were built in 1746. The basilica was built in Italian-baroque style and based on the Venetian Santa Maria della Salute basilica.

Pałac Góra Poland

Góra (district Jarocini)

Palace in Góra was built in the years 1877-1878 for Rudolf Fischer von Mollard. The palace is in the style of the Northern Renaissance, also known as the "Queen Anna style". After World War II the palace was an agricultural school, and since 1952 in the palace's the Orphanage.
In the village there is also a church. In the name of Assumption of Mary, built in the years 1817-1830, brick, late-classical.

Jarocin Poland


In Jarocin there is a town hall built in 1799-1804 surrounded by tenement houses (also from the breakthrough of the XIX-XX century).
Opposite to the town hall there is a church of St Martin (first mentions about the church come from 1257, later the church was rebuilt many times).

Nowadays the town is known for its 3-day rock festival which takes place every year during the summer.

Leszno Poland

Leszno (German: Lissa)

Leszno, experienced a period of glory in the seventeenth century, (you can see it in the historical architecture).
Throughout the region you can admire the palaces, castles, manor houses, churches.
Surrounding Leszno tend to rest in the bosom of nature.
In Leszno and the region very popular and well liked is cycling through the numerous cycle paths.

The above text comes from Leszno website.