Drzeniów Poland

Family fete in Drzeniów

On the 27 July 2013 in Drzeniów there was a family fete for a honourable purpose: money collected during the fete has been given to the renovation of the roof and walls of Nowa Rola church.
The fete has started with a mess, after there was a football championship. Additional attractions included truck driver efficiency challenges, local musicians concerts, motorcycle parade of the lubuskie province club “Boxer”, auctions of items (including a piglet).

Sieniawa Żarska Poland

Sieniawa Żarska (Germ. Schönwalde)

In Sieniawa Żarska there is a monument commemorating the sportsmen of Sieniawa who died during World War One (under oak trees there are stones with their names engraved).
Behind the monument there is a column symbolizing the Sieniawa Gymnastic Association. On the top of the column there are four F letters engraved from: free, humble, cheerful, fresh.

Mycielin Poland


In the Mycielin village you can find an early-gothic, brick, one-bay church under the invocation of St. Nicolas with a rectangular chancel dated second half of XIII century, rebuilt with an addition of the tower in 1550. The church vestibule and the mausoleum added in XVII-XVIII centuries. In the church masonry the debris of the XVI century watchtower can be found.



DAG Nowogród Bobrzański Poland

DAG Krzystkowice - Nowogród Bobrzański

The debris of an ammunition production plant set up in 1939 covering the area of c.a. 2000 ha in the vicinity of Nowogród Bobrzański. In the past it was a complex of 200 buildings (some sources claim over 260), which formed a self-sufficient town with free labour force – the prisoners of Gross Rosen concentration camp.
Nowadays most of the ruins is located in the State Forests and several buildings belong to the Polish Army and a womens penal institution.