Kostrzyna nad Odrą Polska

Kostrzyn nad Odrą (Germ. Küstrin) – Old Town

During World War Two about 95% of the town was destroyed. For a couple of years the town had very little inhabitants. Only after a paper factory was built there in 1954 did the town start to live again.
Since 2004 the town holds Przystanek Woodstock.
Old town has never been rebuilt: names of streets and signs showing the way to the church and the castle were symbolically placed among the remainings of ruins.

Zamek Książ Poland

Książ Castle (Germ. Fürstenstein) in Wałbrzych

The castle from XIII has been rebuilt several times. In 1941 it was confiscated by the Nazis who probably wanted to create the main quarter for Hitler there. After World War Two till August 1946 the Red Army stationed there.
The castle and its chambers can be visited (in English or German prior to a telephone or Internet booking).

Żary Poland

Ż’ART - International Open Air Meeting with Art

Ż’ART - International Open Air Meeting with Art took place in Zary 18-25 August 2013 and were full of cultural events: concerts, performances, film screenings, workshops for children: dance and art, photographic workshops, photographic action:" on 24 August in Zary ... ".